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The innovative JK9®Mantrailing harness has now received a new design as well as additional functionalities. During the development of the JK9®Mantrailing harness, our primary goal was to create a professional harness that satisfies all needs; those of mantrailing associations and rescue dogs as well as anyone else pursuing mantrailing at a hobby level.

Textile Strap From Germany

Easier use,

The JK9®Mantrailing harness has been a great success among professional mantrailing and rescue dog handlers, so an improved version of the harness has been developed based on practical experience. Thanks to the innovations, the harness has now become even more comfortable for the dog, while making its use even easier.


Innovative, elastic
leash connector

The special feature of the JK9®Mantrailing harness is the patented elastic leash connector, which has already been successfully proven to effectively dampen unwanted, sudden tugs while searching, thus helping the dog during work.

Kényelem és Hatékonyság

and efficiency

One of the most spectacular developments of the new generation JK9®Mantrailing harness is the narrower and ergonomically better fitting chest pad.


Tailored to
your needs

Reflective fibres have been added to the neck straps in order to increase the visibility of the UV orange harness. A black version of the harness was also created at the specific request of law enforcement agencies.

During our product development, we pay maximum attention to the health and smooth movement of dogs. Accordingly, an important goal in the design of dog equipment is to protect the dog from the stress caused by even the tiniest tugs and sudden pulls on the leash. We know that smooth movement is even more important in the case of service dogs and search dogs. With this goal in mind, the new JK9®Mantrailing harness is equipped with an innovative, elastic leash connector. The connector allows the dog not to be disturbed by the movement and tensioning of the leash during work, so that they can concentrate even more effectively on their task, which is finding missing people.


Julius-K9®, CEO


Adapting to the dog's movement, the JK9®Mantrailing harness consists of three main parts: the neck element, back element and chest pad. The straps at the neck and chest are fastened with buckles, making it easier to put on and remove the harness. Due to its construction, the size of the harness can be adjusted at five different points, so it can be completely tailored to a dog's body.


and experience 

The JK9®Mantrailing harness was created based on the experience of those actively pursuing mantrailing and has been perfected to better meet the needs of working dogs and their owners.

High-visibility reflective elements
New, more ergonomic chest padding
Easy to put on and take off
Customizable with interchangeable hook-and-loop patches
Developed together with mantrailing professionals 
Made in the EU using German materials
Continuous load testing and innovation
Over 20 years of experience in dog harness development

A JK9®Mantrailing
is available in 2 colours and 4 sizes

Choose the right fit and style, even for your smaller dog!

2 színben és 4 méretben kapható
2 színben és 4 méretben kapható
Vélemény 1

"I am a rescuer, and also work as a instructor of SAR K9 team since 2009. Now I am a head of a search K9 team SLEDOPYT. About the harness I can tell – it is very nice because it is lightweight, comfortable for the dog, very convenient to maintain and has excellent fasteners."

Lyubov Koshevaya

Vélemény 2

"Thanks to Julius-K9®, our dogs are now the most comfortable they´ve ever been while working. Even with the strongest dogs, this harness ensures that the weight lays on the chest instead of the neck at all times. The harness has a perfect fit and can be individually adjusted, to fit all shapes and sizes of dogs, without decreasing it´s quality."

Lisa Gorenflo
- Mantrailing UK – head instructor and owner

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